Thrift Store Treasures #1: People Like You


This is the softest music you will ever listen to.  You can probably guess which year this was made just by the style of music. The only reason I grabbed it was because it was autographed and I figured that someone named Kevin would make unlistenable outsider music like Jandek or something. WRONG! It’s the polite fourth cousin of yacht rock.

According to the back of the record this album was made by Kevin Denbok for the Kinsmen. It’s a charity album for cystic fibrosis. The copy I found happened to be autographed. This page is pretty outdated, but apparently you can still buy it in CD form. Well, I probably should’ve uploaded these all in a zip file for convenience, but w/e. Warning: don’t listen to this while driving. You will fall asleep.

All the tracks are nice and crackly because they are ripped directly from vinyl.

  1. Save  Your Fantasies
  2. People Like You
  3. Tonight
  4. First Thing Tomorrow
  5. Turning
  6. Do You Need Me Too?
  7. Together Forever
  8. Don’t Go
  9. Forever Michelle
  10. Innocent Love

P.S. your grandma will probably love this album.


I hope to make these Thrift Store Treasures posts a regular occurence. Hopefully I can find some really out of this world music, but for now expect shit like “People Like You” and bad disco. If all else fails I’ll just grab up a shitload of light orchestra, Mantovani and Herb Alpert albums. Afterall, they make up 60% of all thrift store finds.


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